Monday, 24 January 2011


I totally could not be bothered to do my work experience today. I feel faint whenever I stand up, and my god... these stomach cramps DX
I'm putting the day to good use though, trying to wade through all my Canine Behaviour assignment that needs to be handed in on the 3rd or 4th... Ah well, at least it's actually of interest to me!

I just got an email from an Irish Setter breeder that lives quite close to me, saying that they'll probably be having a litter in the Spring >.<
They wanted to know more about me and my lifestyle... I think (hope) I sounded suitable to have one of their puppies!
I find it's best to do everything behind my dads back, and then drop it into conversation that we have a puppy coming home next week (or whatever). Otherwise he just thinks about all the bad things that could happen, rather than any of the good.

I don't know how Milo will take to having a puppy around. I think he'll love having a little friend to play with, but I wouldn't want him feeling like we loved him any less because of it. I'm not sure if dogs really think like that... but he is my main man! I love that dog more than anything.

                                                                    My boy Milo 

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