Sunday, 6 March 2011


I'm sooo excited! Not long until I get to see all my Your Dog peeps at Crufts! On Thursday I'm off to Southampton to Gaby's, where we SHALL watch Saw 3D and get excited over Chester's sexy death. Then in the morning we shall have a long drive to Birmingham! 
I'm not going home until Sunday ¬_¬ mwahaha. Shall be fun times me thinks!

I have SO many assignments to do, but I have a horrible cold, and I AM cold, which is making me not want to do them. Plus I am lazy and a massive procrastinator. Meeehhh...

Also, me and Saz keep looking at pictures of Shelties and Irish Setters, which is making me SO puppy broody! I actually NEED my Irish Setter now -_-